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22 May 2015 @ 10:45 am

BACK & STILL ALIVE.....................
Still YabuHikaYamaYutoKeitoYuriTegoShige fan.
JUMP & NEWS fan as ever... Still immature.
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<<つなぐ手と手>> --- Hey! Say! JUMP
(from 2nd album <<JUMP WORLD>>)

tsunagu te to te no kankaku mo
aruku ashi to ashi no RHYTHM(rizumu) mo
dareni mo mane dekinaiyouna
futari dake no STYLE (sutairu) ni naru
tamani boku yori kimi no hou ga
otokorashiku attarimoshite
dareka ga nanto ioutomo
futari dake no kimekoto ni naru

時が流れ 年をとった2人が
toki ga nagare toshi wo totta futari ga
akimoshinaide hibi wo kurikaesundayo
笑ったり  怒ったり  泣いてみたり
warattari  okottari  naitemitari

kitto bokura wa tagai no yowasa wo shirukarakoso
te wo tsunagi aunodarou
どんなときでも 離さないことが
donna toki demo  hanasanai koto ga
本当の強さだと 教えられた
hontou no tsuyosadato  oshierareta


<<Holding Hand in Hand>>
No matter it's the feeling of us Hand in Hand
(or) the Rhythm of us walking (together) step by step
Nobody else can ever imitate that
The Style which only belongs to the 2 of us
Sometimes it's you rather than me
who can get more manly 
No matter whoever says whatever
It'll just become what can only be decided between the 2 of us

Time is flying. The 2 of us who have grown older
Back to the old days which we never get tired of or be worried
Sometimes we Laugh   Sometimes we get angry  Sometimes we cry

Surely we understand each other's weaknesses with no doubt
Probably that's why we hold onto each other's hand
Never letting go whenever whenever
This is what has taught me what is real strength.

This is a very warm & cosy song.
I am sorry I just did rough translation which probably spoiled the feelings of the original lyrics...
Anyway, please support JUMP and go order their upcoming 2nd album if you haven't =3=

Thank you for reading (:
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Hey~ I have typed up the romaji & kanji lyrics of JUMP's new song~
So much fun singing along to this cheerful upbeat song <3 Enjoy~

<<愛ing~アイシテル>> Hey!Say!JUMP

愛が 愛が 全身走って
ai ga ai ga zenshin hashitte
抱きしめたいよ 君を
dakishimetai yo kimi wo
まるごと 愛を 愛を
marugoto ai wo ai wo
zonbun ni douzo
君だけに 今すぐ
kimi dake ni imasugu
結ばれる 運命ってこういうの
musubareru unmeitte kou iu no
nanka wakarunda
(さあ) 想うまま 描いていこ
(saa) omoumama egaite iko
(そう) 未来まで
(sou) mirai made

(なんで) ふざけてばっか
(nande) fuzakete bakka
(なんで) 無口なシャイガール
(nande) mukuchi na SHY GIRL
(接点) なんてなかった
(setten) nante nakatta
anohi no bokura

itsumo kyuu ni
hanashi wo futta REACTION
驚く顔 見たかった
odoroku gao mitakatta
今も(キラリ) 思い(出すよ)
ima mo (kirari) omoi (dasuyo)
yuugure futari
言葉(もなく) 優しい(風に)
kotoba (monaku) yasashii (kaze ni)
fureru youni te wo nigitta

kokoro ga
愛で 愛で 満杯になって
ai de ai de manpai ni natte
抱きしめたいよ 君を
dakishimetai yo kimi wo
もぎたて 愛を 愛を 存分にどぞ
mogitate ai wo ai wo zonbunni douzo
君だけに 向かうよ
kimidake ni mukauyo

te wo tsunagu "ondo" itoshii yo
zettai hanasanai
(さあ) 育ててこう 倍にして
(saa) sodatetekou bainishite
(そう) 未来ごと
(sou) mirai goto

souzou dakejaa
oitsukanai (futari no mirai)
yosoku fukanou!
nozomu tokoro!

"ai"shiteru kara
愛で 愛で いっぱいになって
ai de ai de ippai ni natte

愛が 愛が 全身走って
ai ga ai ga zenshin hashitte
抱きしめたいよ 君を
dakishimetai yo kimi wo
まるごと 愛を 愛を
marugoto ai wo ai wo
zonbun ni douzo
君だけに 今すぐ
kimi dake ni imasugu
結ばれる 運命ってこういうの
musubareru unmeitte kou iu no
nanka wakarunda
(さあ) 想うまま 描いていこ
(saa) omoumama egaite iko
(そう) 未来まで
(sou) mirai made

kokoro ga
愛で 愛で 満杯になって
ai de ai de manpai ni natte
抱きしめたいよ 君を
dakishimetai yo kimi wo
もぎたて 愛を 愛を 存分にどぞ
mogitate ai wo ai wo zonbunni douzo
君だけに 向かうよ
kimidake ni mukauyo

te wo tsunagu "ondo" itoshii yo
zettai hanasanai
(さあ) 育ててこう 倍にして
(saa) sodatetekou bainishite
(そう) 未来ごと
(sou) mirai goto
Some extra info about the dance moves of  <愛ing~アイシテル>:
(1) JUMP all hold hands in a line <3
(2) There's a part (apparenty the opening) in the song where Yuto lean his whole body on Yama-chan and then cross his legs~ Kyaaa~ Yamajima -3-

In yesterday's concert (10th April), before Hikaru performed his solo "Gentles", Yabu went over and bit Hika's shoulder! Wooo~ What a hungry wolf, Yabu-kun = =+

In addition, as some of you might have known, <To the Freedom> was performed in the concert.
The song was actually put into the concert set list by YabuHika themselves!
TTvTT Thank you, YabuHika~ Thanks for always remembering the Ya-Ya-yah times QAQ~!!
(When they performed this song, YabuHika were embracing each other's shoulders! Their faces were so close together~ Kyaaa <333)

XP I'm actually quite busy recently... Hope I can find some time to update more about the concert -3-
Seeya <3

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27 November 2010 @ 08:45 pm
 Have been kinda busy so can't do much to celebrate this great day...
but I think the screencap below speaks for itself..............=v=

Best Wishes to this Naked Married-Old-Couple~~~ <3333

Yabu loves washing his pretty wife Hikari-chan -3- And Hika loves to be cleaned by his Yabu Hubby -3-

...People, I demand a YabuHika NC-17 fic = =+++ This screencap is surely some huge inspirations = =+++
17 September 2010 @ 02:56 pm

SUMMARY 2010 ------ 2010.08.29 YABUHIKA REPORT
During the last show of Summary this year, something cute & raburabu happened XD
Sweet magic happened towards the end of the show... ... ... ...

From balcony 3, Hikaru asked for something… … … …

Hika: Well then, Yabu.
At last, …Throw (me) an air CHU~
 (投げCHUして) (in the voice Hika used for voicing his puppy<3)

For a moment, Yabu seemed to forget he’s in public LOL
so he was responding to his Hika’s request… … … …
Yabu: He…Here I go~~ (い、いくぞ~っ/i…ikuzo~)

Nevertheless, when Yabu was about to blow a kiss,
he suddenly realized what he was doing in front of the crowd… … …Out of embarrassment, …

Yabu: You’re sickening! YOU’re kidding me! Why on earth must I do this !?

However, Hikari-chan wouldn’t give up so easily… … …=v=
Hika: *GIVE~~ME~~ an air kiss~  (投げCHUちょーだい) (still in puppy voice<3)
(*ちょうだい [頂戴/choudai]--- the form of “give me” Hika used is more commonly used by female or children. It’s like an order kinda tone used between ppl who are close together<3)

Yabu: Why am I supposed to do it to you yo!?
How disgusting (キモい/kimoi)! I won’t do it to the fans either~!

………….AND THEN…………….despite what Yabu'd said... ... ...

Yabu blew an air KISS towards Hikaru O///O!!!!!!

Hika then got kinda excited (o///o). Feeling so very satisfied, he left the stage~

As for Yabu who's being left on stage, he was too ashamed of what he just did.
Therefore, to uphold a man's pride LOL, Yabu pretended to feel disgusted lol

Yabu: (rubbing both arms) Samui~~ Samui~~ (= cold~ cold)

Later on, our good boy Yuto went teasing Yabu for the air kiss XD

Yuto: Yabu kun~ Yabu kun! I also want an air kiss -3- (藪くん藪くん。僕も投げちゅー欲しい)

Even though Yabu responded with something like "If it's Yuto, then it's okay anytime",
he actually rejected Yuto and did NOT blow him a kiss in the end!
(Yabu basically said that to provoke Hika only =v= I know I know~~~)

Not only did Yuto NOT get the CHU from Yabu...
Yabu didn’t even give the fans this fan-service…!!! T__T~ (he even said he wouldn't TAT)
Awww… yappari Hikari-chan is Yabu’s SPECIAL ONE ne<333

In addition, when they performed INFINITY, YabuHika kinda embraced each other~~ <3
It seemed that it was Hika who held out his arms first =//=
They did sth similar during UMP as well <333

For reference, ... ...

Currently in the process of typing up another YYJ recording REPO~
Another flying KISS from Yabu!!! ...not asked by anyone this time = =+
Please look forward to it -3- Arigatou m(_  _)m


01 August 2010 @ 05:00 pm

25th JULY 2010-  HSJ@ KAT-TUN Concert MC TALK

Kame: Different from minna, these guys were all born in Hei Sei yo!

Taguchi: Nah nah. Among all there are some born in Hei Sei as well. (laughed)

Kame: Yabu!

Yabu: Hai (laughed)

Kame: You’ve grown so tall ~! What’s your head to body ratio?

Koki: About 8 heads, right?

Kame: Your body build will just be different if you’re born in Hei Sei.
Koki (being) beside (Yabu) is so tiny! (laughed)

Koki: (having noticed the height difference on screen, smiled embarrassedly)

Kame: Yabu used to be so tiny, too ~ Singing “Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made”~~~

Yabu: So nostalgic. (laughed)

Kame: Say Yabu, (in the past) once I sat down on the sofa in the gakuya (楽屋/resting room), he would run over and sit on my lap, saying “Nose! Pi~” whatsoever. Then just pinch my nose! Ano…since then, has already grown up so much…

Yabu: (laughed)

Taguchi: Yabu’s face is so small yo…

Kame: (looking at Yabu’s SERIOUSLY ripped jeans) Won’t you go buy a (new) pair of jeans?

Yabu: Oh , this? I’ve always been asked by everybody like that.

Kame: I’d once worn ripped jeans and been told by Johnny san, “YOU…THIS…I’ll buy you a new pair!” like that!

Yabu: When I wore this pair of jeans and went on the train, a child said “This man’s jeans are so worn out yo!” !!!


Kame: Who’s the Leader (of HSJ)?

JUMP (- Yabu): It’s Yabu-kun

Yabu: Hai~ It’s me

Kame: Yabu’s the leader?

Yabu: Can I still not be? (ß since all JUMP members shouted his name XD Yabu couldn’t say NO XD)


Yabu: It’s the first album!

Kame: Those (singles) up till now are all included?

JUMP: Yes, included.

Yuya: Ano ano~ “Shadow” as well!

Kame: Shadow!

JUMP: Included!

Kame: Shadow… That is…Hidarime Tantei EYES?!

Yama-chan: It should be Hidarime Tantei EYE (laughed)

Yuya: EYES…then it’d become both eyes (but not only the left one)~!


Kame: Hikaru, why don’t you say anything?

Hika: Eh? May I say something?

Kame: Then just don’t say. = =+

Hika: Ehhh~~~ Nah, I wanna speak.

Kame: You don’t have to. =v=

Hika: I wanna talk~~~

Koki: Hikaru gives an impression of being good at talking in a Hey!Say!JUMP concert. Yet, since here isn’t your own show and venue, you won’t speak much, right?

Hika: Aw~ That’s right. Since there’re minna from KAT-TUN, I wanna stay more maturely.

Kame: Ano… We’ve known each other since we’re younger, isn’t it? Hence, it just feels so amazing now! You’ve grown much taller, too.

Kame: Hikaru was so kawaii when he was in Jr.~

Nakamaru: So kawaii~

Kame: So kawaii indeed~! Such tiny thing with chubby face, even has got double-tooth~ Coming from Sendai and looked like knowing nothing at all =v=

Hika: Oh~ I was really kawaii in the past ne~

Koki: Saying such thing yourself! XD;

Kame: Saying “Kamenashi-kun~ Kamenashi-kun” while coming over and sitting on my lap, isn’t it?

Hika: You still remember those things ^^?

Kame: I do yo. I knocked the head of Hikaru who sat on my lap with my finger where I wore a ring. It seemed it hurt so much that he just burst out crying while kept saying “Kamenashi-kun, it hurts so much~ Please don’t do this T__T”. Since it’s toooo cute, I repeated doing it a few times =v=+

Hika: It really hurt a lot when you knocked my head with that ring! T__T
I seriously cried yo!

Nakamaru: Oh! I remember that! Afterwards, I asked Hikaru “Why are you crying?” and among KAT-TUN, “Who made you cry?”.
He didn’t say it was Kame but pointed at me and said it’s me! Eventually it’d become MY FAULT!!! TAT

Kame: At those times, Hikaru looked really like Nakamaru ne~

Hika: Sou desu~ Always been told such thing.

Nakamaru: Face?


Nakamaru: Indeed look alike ne~! The Nose~

Koki: The systems are probably the same~ = =+

Hika: I had been told all the time such thing when I was in Jr.
It’d even made myself think that “Ah~ I look like Nakamaru-kun~”

Kame: Totally not look alike now. Growing up is really an amazing thing~
As Hikaru grows up, your nose isn’t as obvious ne ^^

Hika: Really? That’s great =DDD

Nakamaru: How great! Mine is growing every year DDDX


Koki: Ano… Ueda~ Why are you staying so far away?

Ueda: Nah~ It’s just… because I haven’t talked to everyone (HSJ) like this. I do wanna talk to everybody.

Kame: (asked HSJ) Have you ever talked with Ueda?

JUMP: Ano… didn’t really have the chance to…

Kame: Didn’t we all get along together during Jr. period???

Ueda: Well…the only thing I remember was that… I kept saying to Hikaru “You look so much like Nakamaru!” and made him cry, this incident (laughed)

Hika: I was told the same time by so many people that I looked like Nakamaru-kun… so I cried XP

Nakamaru: Hey!!! I ain’t bringing you to eat yaki-niku anymore = =+

Hika: Iya~ Don’t be like that DDX

Nakamaru: I go having yaki-niku with Hikaru once every half a year yo~

Someone(?): Nose Combi(nation) (鼻コンビで) together?! XDDD


Taguchi: Since you (HSJ) specially came over today, let’s go for a meal together afterwards ^^

JUMP: …oh, hontossu ka (really mean so)?!

Kame: Just now when Taguchi said “let’s go for a meal together”, there were only 2 persons replying “hontossuka”. There are so many people but only 2 of them… XD (laughed)

Taguchi: yeah ^3^

Kame: Moreover, the way of saying “hontossuka” seemed to include the feeling of “unwillingness” (laughed)

Taguchi: (laughed)


Kame: (to JUMP who’re gonna leave the stage) Please definitely enjoy yourselves after this ^^

JUMP: Sure!

Kame: They’re Hey!Say!JUMP!

JUMP: Thanks everyone (looked towards the props used in the Going!-performance)

Koki: Hey that way is the exit! You can’t go inside there yo!

Nakamaru: If you go inside, you’ll end up in a different space!


Maru is just bullied by everyone XDDD

Kame is just a nice big bro of yabu/hika even he'd made lil' Hikari-cha cried =v=
LOL @Hika for crying over being told he's Maru look-alike XDDD

Ueda is so Ueda. (ii comment, isn't it XD?!)

...and hey@@! When has JUMP got a LEADER??? lol

P.S. The MC talk translation is not 100% in order or their exact wordings. Thanks.
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25 June 2010 @ 02:21 pm
HAVEN'T FINISHED translating the whole interview...
This is just half of the interview...so
REMEMBER TO CHECK BACK for the 2nd half soon or later ^__^
The whole thing's done! =DDD
Evidence & Proof that YabuHika are already married OvO
Both of them admit so XDDD Ahahahaha~~~

Hika fangirling Yabu moments... Yabu confessing about who's his true love...
YabuHika's fated love...Yabu's love at first sight meeting Hikaru... Hikaru agreeing with everything said by his idol Yabu... Yabu wanting to control Hika's sensations ... ...etc etc

YOU WILL REGRET if you miss this~! Must read = =+

Hika:Being HUSBAND & WIFE... ...Collapse )
11 June 2010 @ 03:38 pm

In celebration of the reveal of full track list, I am so stupid to have made this LOL
Pretty wife Yabu Hikaru and Kakkoi husband Yabu Kota XDDD

A Larger view of Pretty Hikari-chan<333Collapse )

03 June 2010 @ 01:41 am
THIS IS A MEANINGLESS POST...silly post just for flailing myself *0*

The latest TV Guide's amazing!!!
TOTALLY NOSEBLEED Looking At my lovely half-naked JUMP babies <333
Yabu-kun, Yuto-kun~ Hikari-chan, Yama-chan, Chii~ Ryuu~~~=3=


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