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 I am sorry to everyone for making this non-fandom-related depressing post.

I...I just can't take it anymore... ...I'm so useless.
It's only such a lil' problem... yet, I just still haven't coped with it or recovered from that after so long...
When can I stop crying and whinning about it...
Why have I been waking up feeling suffocating for daysss...
*pants...difficult to respirate & breathe*

No matter how large the wound is, it should have been healed after all these days...
Why is there still a huge pain in my heart? It's tearing me into pieces...shattering my world.
I have already broken down...I've already drown myself in tears for numerous time...
Nevertheless, the torture seems to be neverending... as long as my heart's still beating.
Living dead... when and how could I get my life back... ...

Why didn't you just do it in one go & shoot me right there?
Why did you go cutting all over the other parts of my body instead?
You cut me open here and there...but I'm still bleeding love.
You didn't witness any bleeding though... you didn't even do that for your entertainment.
I wasn't even recognized by you when you did so.
You simply left me wounds & bruises...then you're gone.
Not even taking another glimpse of this seriously injured person... well, am I even a person?

I thought you said you loved me, Yabu-kun...

Why did I even believe in your childish words...you're spoiled, Kota.
"I can't stop thinking 'bout you...not even a sec."
"I must stay sticking with you like nattou~"
"There's no way I can get you off my mind...can't concentrate on my study."
"I love you, Hikari-chan."

Well yeah... those sweet evil words did come from your poisonous lips, they did.
I guess you did mean so when they slipped from your mouth. I did not doubt.
And I still don't...
'coz I've understood now.
I realised what my existence'd been meaning for you all those times.

I was just a piece of your old toy.

A cure for a lonesome heart of a highschool student back then.
That's why you used to bring me along going here, there and everywhere.
Holding my hands just like a child picks up his/her beloved piece of toy.
You talked to me. You cooked with me. You dined with me.
Even put me by your side to accompany you during your revisions.

I was just a tool or a product for you to get rid of your stress & boredom.
When you were under pressure, you got your mind refreshed by pecking on my lips.
When you were suffering from solitariness, you tried gaining some love by brushing your lips across mine.
Or just...when you felt like it, you went kissing me all over.
Even when I was not amused.

I existed for your pleasure, for the sake of your own desire.
I was just a kissable plushie you owned.
Hence, there's no way I would make any objections.
Even I couldn't help frowning when you nibbled too hard, I still wouldn't make a single word of complain.
Kota, I love you, you know?
Could you hear me?

You couldn't, right...
'coz I was just a piece of non-living toy.
Ever in human history, the owner controls whatever he/she'd like to do with the doll.
Never the other way round...
Whatever disappointment, sadness or feeling of hurt filled up the doll inside, it will still please its owner with the forever smile on its face.
Even if it's crying silently under the cloth & cotton...

On top of that, I want to add...
Not only because I couldn't talk that I didn't stop whatever you did to me...
I obey you, Kota. Your wish is my command.
If it's what you wanted, I'm willing to be tortured by you...as long as you're in front of my eyes.
As long as you're there.

I love you. I truly did and I really do.

I was there for you when you needed.
I never made a sound when you were treating me any way you wanted.
I didn't push you away once no matter what you did on top of me.
I dedicated myself, my heart to you.

But why...why did you still abandon me in the end?
What did I do as a result I have to be punished by you?

I can't even say you've "betrayed" me...I have NO RIGHTS to use that word, do I?
Being your doll should have realised earlier that THE DAY would come... ...

When your owner found a piece of newly manufactured latest toy, or, when he/she's grown up and got a real-human-lover, you should be prepared...be ready that you'd be dumped.
Be kicked aside to the corner or be thrown into the bin... crashing into pieces.

I wasn't prepared for that, Kota.
You gave me false hope...making me feel like pinocchio could really be turned into a real human with flesh and blood.
You created so many illusions for me that I'd been feeling like a human girl when we were together.

You bought me so many gifts and presents, didn't you?
They're all so precious to me. I treasure each and every piece of them.
Anyhow, now I got the clearer picture...
The pretty clothes, glossy lipsticks or accessories you've given me were only like what a child would buy for a Barbie doll, eh? To dress it up beautifully for your own eye candy?!

But then, you'd also brought me to the fantasy world of Disneyland theme park...
I was so scared of the roller coaster ride but I still got on it as you wanted me to...and you're by my side.
We had so much fun with Mickey & Minnie. We took many pictures from attraction to attraction.
And we also had some cherishable memories under the astonishing beautiful sky of fireworks.
...Was this memorable day not even a date? I was even anticipating so much a month ahead...

Do all these mean NOTHING AT ALL to you? ...while they mean everything to me at the same time?!
Was I too blinded by the illusion of love you once offered me with...?

Even if I could try repressing all the above into my unconsciousness...
There is no way I could forget that particular night.

If I were just a doll...if you've already found your human-partner by then...
Why did you still have me sleeping by your side in that...hotel room that night?
That specific hotel room which has a massage bath tub and... ...only 1 king-sized bed.

What were the caressing and biting... What were the touching and kissing...
Why did you even bother to wrap around and put your weight on my fragile waist... ... ...

Why did you...sleep with me before your departure? If you were to leave...then WHY?!



I want to tell you...I wish I could tell you, my Yabu-kun...that...
Even you left me soaking myself in my pool of tears every day since the day I was abandoned,
I did not regret it. I still value all we've experienced together.
That might be a horrible vivid nightmare but...it was such a sweet nightmare, you know.

I wish you all well with your human-lover now.
Though it's indescribably painful for me, here alone...all by myself.
Yet, I still hope you happy.
It doesn't really matter that much to what extent I was torn apart by your renouncement...
As long as you're happy, I will still keep silent and complain not.
It still hurts like hell...however,
I will only sob quietly... I won't intrude your new life without me.


Kota, I miss you.

I will always be your doll.
Just pick me up again anytime when you need it and throw it aside when you don't.
You are welcome to repeat these processes as many times as you wish.

I won't complain.

I am just your piece of toy anyway.

A few words from me: Sorry if this has made anyone worried... ...
Though I dun deny I'm actually Hikari-chan... ...I am fine.
So....well, just read it as a fic and forget about it =w= Thanks a lot.

* この人やったら、虐められてもいいと思ったら means
[[If it's this person who did it, then I guess it's alright for me to be tortured]]
It's actually a quote from...Ryo-chan .__. M M M M M~!!!


In the video playing at Johnny’s Family Club, JUMP’s wearing the same outfit as well as standing in the same positions.

The self-introduction part of each member’s very kawaii ^__^
JUMP’s amazing! Just saying their own names, yet, already so adorable XP

They began introducing themselves in their sitting order, from Ryutaro to Keito (right to left), then Yabu to Yuyan (left to right).
Morimoto Ryutaro desu!”
Hi everyone, Chinen Yuri desu!”
The one next to that, Yamada Ryosuke desu!”
The one next to that, Yuto desu!”
The one next to that, Okamoto Keito desu!”

The one above that! Yabu Kota desu!!(
その上の! 薮宏太です!!)”, said Yabu, who’s grabbing Keito’s shoulders with both hands ^^

The one next to that~ Inoo Kei desu~!” by Inoo who seemed to be in a gd mood.

Following that is Hikaru. However, since the audio isn’t that audible in the JFC, couldn’t really hear what he was talking about first. Hika kinda moved his head forward, kept silent for a few seconds and mumbled something. After that, he shouted “
HIKARU DE~SU!!!” in a volume louder than Inoo’s LOL

Dai-chan’s the next one.
Ano…the one next to ‘Hikaru desu!’, Arioka Daiki desu! ^^”
How kawaii =///=

Ano…the one next to ‘Arioka Daiki desu!’, TAKAKI…YUYA, …desu.”
Yuyan was saying his name like…in separate syllables~ Adorable =v=

How lovely all 10 members of JUMP are~ They make us smile ne =DDD

After the self-introductions, they promoted SUMMARY2010, YY JUMPing, Shounen Club, Sch Kakumei, Hyakushiki Ou and Hey!Say!7 Ultra Power radio show. =)

When Hikaru was gonna talk about “YY JUMPing”, Inoo-chan, who’s standing between YabuHika, chotto stepped back and wrapped his arms around Yabu (on his right) and Hikaru(on his left)’s shoulders. (LOL I know Inoo wants both YabuHika)
Standing a bit in front of Inoo, Yabu leant so close towards Hikaru~ 8DDD
So soo sooo close =v=
The video playing @JFC seemed to be a tiny bit different than the “member-only” video on J.net. Nevertheless, YabuHika were so close in both versions 8D

In addition, the unofficial leader, Yabu-kun, went messing up Keito’s perfectly-styled hairdo! NAUGHTY YABUBU~!

Anyway, the relationships among JUMP members are really saikou ne =D
Although we are unable to watch the version of the message-video playing @Johnny’s Family Club unless we go there ourselves, I HAVE TO share 2 screencaps from the “member-only” version on Johnnys-net.

Hora~Hora~Hora!!! See! See! See! Where was Inoo-chan??? LOL
(Inoo’s behind Yabu’s back XD;;;)
Yabu ignored his existence and covered him ALL up,
only to lean towards his very own Hikari-chan O__O
And…that’s REALLY CLOSE. As if Yabu’s gonna CHU Hika (=///=)
(Inoo must be crying behind their back LOL)
(At least we can see the JEALOUS-Keito LMAO...OT4, anyone?!)

LOLYou're smelling the sweet-scented hair of Hikari-chan, weren't you, Yabu-kun? XD

Even in the version of the msg-video which everyone can watch
here, Yabu's also staring at Hika (across Inoo lol) when he's saying "Everyone must come ne" =v=
Then Hika stared back at Yabu when he's saying "Everybody gotta be with us this summer holiday ne~", also across Inoo lol 
(P.S.Dai-chan's smile was so cute >///<)

EDIT: Everyone's leaving a comment drooling all over my monitor that says "Hikaru's arm!"
.....My point of making these caps = YabuHika raburabu
Wrong focus, guys~! LOL

*****3rd May 2010 Hey!Say!JUMP 2010 TEN JUMP CON REPO*****

Dai-chan = Kid XD

Yabu: Hikaru, you’ve witnessed how Dai-chan’s really still a kid, right?

Hika: Dai-chan was taking pills a while ago. There’s “XX Department of Pediatrics” printed on the medicine package~

Dai-chan: (=A=) The internal medicine and pediatrics departments are combined!

Hika: But what were inside weren’t tablets but powder~ (=v=) Plus it’s in the color looking like it’s in orange flavor~! (=v=)

Dai-chan: I had already asked for tablets but I couldn’t help it that they’re still giving me medicine powder.

Inoo-chan: Dai-chan, didn’t you say you couldn’t take tablets? (=v=)

Getting to the topic about the dislike of taking medicine tablets,
Yuto intelligently mentioned “
oblaat(オブラート)” (in Japanese, it means the colourless, tasteless, self-dissolving gel surrounding pill capsules), saying that it becomes easy to take the medicine with oblaat, no matter it’s in tablet or powder form.

Yabu then claimed that he’s very invincible LOL. He doesn’t really take medicines at all~ @@
However, Hikaru pointed out that, Yabu’s coughing all the time when they’re shooting YY JUMPing. He also noticed that Yabu wore 2 cotton face masks during winter LOL


On 1st May at night, Yabu, Hikaru and Inoo-chan went to have a meal together~ They went to eat Hamburg steak ^^
Inoo said,
Hikaru seemed to have quite an urgent need to go to the pharmacy afterwards. (It's getting late at night after dinner-time)

At that moment on the day…
Hika: But I feel very sorry… minna has to wake up early tomorrow (>__<)
Yabu: Daijoubu~ Just go ^^
Hika: But I feel so …
Yabu: Daijoubu~ Just go ^^

Inoo: Such a conversation had repeated several times between that two people XD
So I just listened aside with a smile ^_^ ~~~

The lonely Yabu?! The lonely Inoo?!

Inoo: Yabu is someone who easily feels lonely(さびしがりや) ne! ^_^

Inoo: When he saw me & Hikaru having our arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders (during “FLY”), he went “Why can’t I join as well!!! o(>_<)o”. (laughed)

Yabu: It’s because you guys looked very happy!

Hika: But Inoo-chan is also somebody who easily feels lonely. Ain’t I right, Dai-chan? ^^

Dai-chan: ?????????

XD Dai-chan was a bit lost at what Hikaru was indicating him to respond LOL
They seemed to go a bit off that topic afterwards…

Hika: ……….^^||| Well then, I think we should end this topic and get to anoth… …

Yabu: But it seems the fans would really like to know~ (Good Job, Yabu<3)

Hika: When me & Yabu went into the bathroom, I didn’t see what happened. So Dai-chan, please talk about it~

Dai-chan: At that moment, Inoo came to me and exclaimed “Yabu and Hikaru went into the (same) bathroom together~!”.

Hika: It’s because that 2-in-1-bathroom had both shower and toilet inside one room. Since the timing of Yabu getting his shower & me needing the loo were exactly the same, we just naturally got inside together. Then Yabu continued his shower while I exited the bathroom once I’d finished using the toilet!

Haha, I dun mind Dai-chan always being a kid XD
Good job for Yabu, Hika & Inoo all trying to tease this little penguin =v=

How on earth could Hika notice Yabu’s wearing double masks during winter? Couldn’t he be even more observant LOL? Well, that’s things about Yabu =v= So I guess it’s rather reasonable for the case of this Yabu-fangirl. XD …I also think he felt even more sorry the more times he heard his-idol Yabu saying “Daijoubu”, too ^^
I can totally imagine myself being in the place of Inoo, quietly smiling at YabuHika without interfering =v=  (Praise Hikari-chan for being so considerate, too =D)

Oh, and YabuHikaInoo…………..This OT3 @@
Yabu getting jealous of HikaNoo & Inoo getting jealous of YabuHika?! LOL *amazed* Haha, and why did Inoo go saying that to his “more-than-friends-less-than-lovers”-Dai-chan? Did you want Dai-chan to comfort you XD
Last but not least, LOL@ and LOVE how YabuHika needed the bathroom EXACTLY at the same point XD Not a second more or a millisecond less LOL
Good Job for Yabu stopping Hika from skipping this topic =v=


--- Hikari-chan used his beautiful long slender fingers to divide the fillet into two halves~
He obviously did NOT expect himself to be attacked just after a split second... ...


The attacker/aggressor/abuser (Yabu) still couldn't take his eyes off his prey!!!
Perhaps he's planning for another attack?! ...how innocent & careless Hika was~!!!

THE MOMENT ----------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yabu Kota totally resembles a hungry wolf that has been desperately looking for his target/victim for daysss~ (actually, he looks more like a FISH to me LOL)
Yabu-kun's totally sucking Hika's fingers lol   SUCKING!!!!! *dies*
Hika was shocked for a sec but still tried to feed his idol (he's no.1Yabu fangirl, rt?)~~~

I LOVE YJUMPing~~~ Sooo many lovely YabuHika moments <3



Lyrics here! JUMP BAND ROCKS~<3Collapse )

<<チュウは二度目さ>> (Chuu wa nidome sa)
(JUMP BAND lyrics color-code: Hika/Yabu/Yuto/Keito/Inoo)


jiri jiri semaru otoko ni wa  Question


mada mada misao wo sasageru Angel

滅裂 Fake Out

shiri metsuretsu na kokoro wa  Fake Out


giri giri genkai ga mieta  Twenty


biri biri kuru you na deai wa  Nothing


mousou heki wa umare motte  Flaver

What can need   so return to light

What can need   so return to light


dare ni daserun da kono  Beat

sukoshi jirashita shisen mo



boku datte       kimi ga omou hodo

kodomo janain datte

So just be I love you

So just be I love you

nan datte oshiete ageru


kimi datte mou            wakatteru


hazutesho          mou bokura

hajimete janai ttesa

kimi ga itte

Chu Chu Chu Chu the two times

Chu Chu Chu Chu the two times


This is the coolest JUMP BAND song EVER!!!
Hika kissed his bass when he sang the line "nan datte oshiete ageru" =3=
Yabu's straight-into-the-sky HIGH NOTES "shouts" in this song are lovely! Great singer, great star!
Yuto+his drum = kakkoi & kills fangirls *__*
This song has been sticking in my head since JAN...5 months lol But I still love it !!! saikou~


25 April 2010 @ 08:16 am

May 2010- WINK UP- Hikaru Yaotome

1. How long do you take to get prepared before a performance?
Hika: (I get prepared) Really early, about an hour beforehand. I head to the side of the stage earlier than anyone else~ The slowest one is Yabu. When we form the circle (*groups usually do this before a performance for cheering; e.g. shouting ‘yosh, here we go/ganbare’), “a re? Yabu’s not here!”, such situation always occurs yo (laughs)

2. Favourite Catering Menu
Hika: Pork soup(butajiru/donjiru) or Minestrone soup! I usually choose soup before the actual performance, especially drinking Minestrone soup makes my tension rise ne~ I LOVE the flavor of tomato!

3. Necessities for stay-over concert tour
Hika: Disposable Warm Eye-mask! It’s REALLY GOOD da yo~! Even on the plane, I distributed them to members~ Yet, everyone all had normal face masks+this type of eye-masks on… turned into a pretty weird scene (laughs)

4. Own style of protecting your throat is…?
Hika: Even though I consider my throat as super strong, just in case, I take throat candies before I go to bed. And I drink coffee with sugar added in during concert period yo.

5. Episodes about supportive fans’ goods
Hika: The bass I’m using is blue matched with orange, pretty eye-catching ne~ There’re many people who held up uchiwas with those two colors. (Fans) being able to observe such details, I’m really happy ne! However, I guess the color of my bass is gonna changed this time. GOMEN (laughs)

6. How do you spend your time between the 1st and 2nd show(within a day)?
Hika: When we’re into (video-)games, we will exchange game info within BEST. “Sleeping” such an action is not what I’d choose~! Becoz’ the passionate mood from the previous show will be reset after sleeping.
7. Pinches you’ve encountered in concerts up till now
Hika: When I was holding the bass, using the headset for singing, so much sweat was dripping down from the headset. Both hands became slippery and then I totally didn’t know what I should do yo >_<

8. Highlights audience should pay attention to in the concert this time
Hika: Since many ideas are mine (this time), there are lots of great recommended scenes yo~ Among them, the one I wanna recommend the most is the fascinating silhouette scene. Even though senpai-tachi have tried doing silhouette dance before as well, I think the kinda dance this time hasn’t really been seen yo~

9. Recently…
Hika: There’s a corner in the concert which we perform a song with me playing bass & Yuto playing drums and Yama-chan & Dai-chan dancing. At this moment I am thinking about nothing else but only this…in such a state which I don’t think it’s too exaggerating to have said so. Today as well, right before we got ready for the photoshoot, me & Yuto were still making beats along the rhythm together yo~
Although this corner is planned to be one for members to pair up and perform in different ways, since I consider of those other than that in my group as rivals, I want to do it even better than anyone yo.

I like it how Yabu's name always appear in Hika's interview/JUMPaper or anything lol
I also like how Hika shouted he loves TOMATO flavor~
Plus how he totally won't sleep between 2 shows within a day... SLEEPING between shows is what Yabu's doing all the time, ain't it?
It's how different YabuHika are that made them a perfect couple <3

This is random...but HOT & SEXY ONSEN YabuHika fic, would anyone be so kind to???

Yesterday's YY JUMPing is the BEST <333 Sweet Couple's Honeymoon, totally it!!!


Current Location: Tokyo DisneySEA@YYJ
Current Music: When you wish upon a star

[YabuHika MC REPO] 27th June, 2009- Hi!Hey!Say!

Yabu the Natural Kid
Staff: Gotta begin (shooting) now~ Countdown 5 seconds…

Yabu: Ehhh? Got to officially start recording right now?!!!!
Hika: Hah?! ^_^” (smiled at Yabu
while showing a “if not so, what do you think you’re here for” face XD)
The way Hikaru reacted was like he’s helpless with Yabu but also thought he’s very cute XD (Like Yabucchi is HikaMama’s child ^^ lol Hika once said he’s Yabu’s mother, right?)

Triangle Love

Fans: Inoo-kun and Hikaru-kun, which one do you like?
Yabu: Eh?! ... ...I like BOTH
(showing famous Yabu-style-idol-smile =v=)
Hika: ……. (gave Yabu cold eyes+ stiff smile 8/ )

Recording Narration
- Yabu finished recording before Hikaru did.
Yabu-kun, OK!

Yabu: otsukaresama deshita. … …I’ll be waiting for Hikaru till he’s done. (swept his bangs with his finger while keeping his eyes shut
è kakkoi!)
(Yabu, who sat astride on the cases with his long legs, waiting for Hika, was chou kakkoi >////<~!!!)
Hika: (saying his dialogue) just like leftovers. For example, “I dare not eating TOMATOES!”, like such. (
ß chotto pointed to Yabu, like indicating that “It’s YOU I'm talking about" =D...yea, even giving examples, Hika could juz think of Yabu 8D)

Ninkyo Helper---“DO IT”
Fans: We’ve seen the dorama CM yo~ CHOU KAKKOI!!!
Yabu: Thanks everyone.
Hika: What kinda character (you’re playing)?
Yabu: Obsessed with WOMEN!!
Fans: Nooo~~~ DAME YO~~~
Yabu: Eh? Dame? But it’s my job~ It’s just the character. The character is the charater. I am still who I am. Well, it’s just…frivolous…flirty…playful.
Fans: Like… in the motel!!! (* the ‘bed scene’ in the CM)
Yabu: Although it seems to have shocked minna somehow…, ONLY the beginning’s gonna be like that na~
Hika: “When there’s something you must do, you’re gonna try your best to do it”
(やるときはやる), like this, right?
Yabu: “DO IT”??? Wait wait… you you you!!?!! (O__O)!!!
(Translating DIRECTLY the saying “やるときはやる(yaru toki wa yaru)”, it would be “When it’s time to DO IT, you DO IT”… obviously Yabu was thinking on the wrong track (NC-17- -) about what Hika said LOL…PERVERT= =+)
Hika: (OAO)?? Eh??? …no~ I meant that’s your job, right? Helper, right? So even though you’re obsessed with women, you’re still gonna do your work when you’re supposed to do so. That’s what I meant (O.O)
Yabu: Oh I see ^^||| You meant so.


Yabu is really a super nice guy. No matter it’s the audience asking tricky questions, or the fans shouting things from really far away, Yabu would still patiently, sincerely and gently replied, as well as saying “Arigatou Gozaimasu” ^^.
A really polite boy <3

At the end of the MC talk, the staff had already said a few times, “
It’s almost time to end”. However, Yabu still kindly talked for quite a long while with the fans. He said sth like “Well then, let us talk for a lil’ bit longer before we go home” and even specially went towards where the fans at the back rows were!

As for
Hikaru, although it felt like he seemed to have the need to hurry home, he totally didn’t mind Yabu lingering on and still stayed there patiently~
are really nice & yasashii ne <3


Minna, I know this was really long ago... but the contents aren't like something that'll really get out-of-date looking back now~ So I still decided to post them anyhow >__<
Hope nobody minds XP

Let us give applause+ standng ovation to the fan who was so brave to ask the THREESOME question so directly !!! *clap clap*
Now we know Yabu IS indeed a Mikiya... can't choose between Hikari-chan & Inoo-chan...*SIGH*
Well, at least he's being honest with us...=w=

And...ahahahaha~ Now we ALSO know Yabu's really a pervert!!!
Hikaru was saying something so positive & encouraging... HOW COULD YABU INTERPRET IT AS SOMETHING NC-17~~~~ XDDD oh gosh...hahahaha ROTFLZOMGLOL


[MC REPO] Hey!Say!JUMP Fuyu CON 2009-2010

20th December, 2009@ Osaka (Yabu’s absent due to his musical SLM)

=Hika x Inoo on Yabu (OT3!)=
Inoo: Yesterday ne… didn’t Yabu call yo?


Inoo: Since it was my mobile phone which he dialed to, the call was picked up by me~

But when I’d only said “moshi moshi”, Hikaru immediately rushed over and asked “Who’s that? Who’s that?!!!”. Once I’d answered “Yabu”, he at once said “Give it to me!!! Give it to me!!!” and grabbed away my mobile phone in an instance.


Hika: When I was saying “moshi moshi”, I heard some loud noise from Yabu’s side?!


Inoo: The noise was so huge that it’s bombing~!


Hika: Yea yea. When I asked him “what you’re doing at the moment?”, I could only hear “umm..umm..hmm” such an answer. So I said “Your volume is too loud~ Could you lower it down a bit?”. Then I got his answer, saying “Having a bath”. (laughed)


Inoo: (Yabu) just knows how to make a call in soothing-relaxing environment (laughed).

Hika: Being asked “How was the first day(of the concert)?”, I said “Although it’s a bit tough without Yabu here, I will do my best”. Straight after I finished saying “I will do my best”, the other side of the phone-call said the following; “It was originally Inoo whom I called, why was it you who picked it up?”. (smiled bitterly) …Therefore, I could do nothing but to pass the mobile phone back to Inoo.


Inoo: Right, right. (laughed) Even though I wasn’t sure about that, I heard some elegant splashing sound from the other side of the call when I was on the phone.


Hika: I wonder what kind of fragrance (bath) Yabu uses when he bathes.

Inoo: Rose fragranced bath! (laughed) ‘coz he said “it’s fragrance of rose yo” in the call~


Hika: Where does this PRINCE come from!! (laughed)

Inoo: Nonetheless, I’m really glad he’d called us since he’s worried about how we’re doing na~

Hika: Yea really happy ne~ However, when I asked if he had any messages to be pass to the members or the audience, he just mumbled and seemed unwilling to respond. (laughed)


Inoo: It seemed he did leave Takaki a “Please don’t only focus on acting cool na!” (laughed) Just that one single line. (laughed)

Yabu has to ganbatte in today’s musical as well yo~


Hika: He also said he would do his best~


LOL…totally LOL at how Hikaru eagerly wanted to talk to Yabu & rather rudely grabbed the phone away LOL… well, I can see why & understand him though. From his JUMPaper over 10 weeks ago, he seemed to be really under great pressure without Yabu’s existence. He’s too used to being Yabu’s assistance as he said himself.


And OMG… Yabu’s talking to Inoo-chan & Hikari-chan on the phone while he’s having a bath?! Which means……he was NAKED LOL How…sweet (& sexy)?! *nosebleed*


It’s nice of Inoo-chan not to blame Hika’s little-girl-friend-act & seized away his call =v=

Well, coz they’re good ‘sisters’ and both are Yabu’s ‘women’ LOL XDDD


Yabu’s message for Takaki XDDD Epic~~~


Hika x Inoo talking about their PRINCE = LOVELOVELOVE!

This OT3 is too real <3333

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22 February 2010 @ 12:18 am
THE JE MEME! :D (By theproudpenguin)
The favorites (only one answer for each question)::
Who's your favorite idol in the Johnny's Entertainment?YabuHika (this is 1 answer= =+ they're ONE)
Your favorite group?Ya-Ya-yah
Your favorite dorama with JE idols in it?Kinpachi Sensei Season7
Your favorite pairing (or trio)? (i.e. akame, tegomass, ryopi, etc)YabuHika
Your favorite show in which a JE band is the host?Ya-Ya-yah (y can't I say YY JUMPing as well! D:)
Your favorite song? (tough one, I know)Ai Nante
Your favorite DVD? (i.e. Kat-Tun's Real Face Tour, NEWS' Never Ending Wonderful Story, Kanjani8's Spirits, etc.)NEWS' Pacific
Other (only one answer;you can explain your answer) ::
The JE idol you want to meet the most?Yabu Kota
Who's the sexiest?Yabu Kota
Who's the cutest?Yaotome Hikaru
The one you know you will have a good conversation with? (or the one you seem to have the most in common)Keito Okamoto
The one that is making you laugh the most?Shigeaki Kato...LOL
The one you want to see crying?Hikari-chan Yaotome >_<
The one you won't go "akjosngodg.sgtj^c" if you ever see him on the street?i can't be sure if it's Matsu Jun or the old Senpais who I can't even name...
The one you will do anything just to shake his hand or take a picture with?Shoon Yamashita
The group you have the more pictures on your computer?Ya-Ya-yah/HSJ
Your best memory of a Shounen Club episode? (i.e. Shige stripping, NewS abake, Romantic skit w/ Kat-Tun and Kanjani8, etc.)Yabu making Hika turned into a shy boy when the latter was trying to act tough LOL
You really want to be __s' sister.Yuto Nakajima
The group that have the best member ai?NEWS ('coz they were from diff groups but still... >_<)
The band who's closer to their fans?...dunno, HSJ?
Which JE idol have the greatest clothing taste?Hikaru? Tegoshi? (i'm biased=A=)
Your reactions?
If you were in a restaurant, and Shige and Koyama show up, your first reaction is __They're married. Since ever. Can I have Shige for a second, Kei-chan pls? :D
Your first travel to Japan and you're all excited! As you look at the other side of the street, you see Yamapi and Jin looking cool and anonymous. Your first reaction is__Yamapi O__O He's cool as in kakkoi but Jin's cool as in...kinda cold?! lol
You've read on Internet that your favorite group may come to your country for a photoshoot soon. You__will skive to meet them & speak Eng to Keito lol
There is it! The pairing you've been shipping for like forever has finally come out, and it's all over the Internet! Your first reaction is ___OMG, Yabu eventually fulfilled his proposal~ Hikari-chan doesn't have to be heartbroken anymore >
You're still in Japan and you're walking on the street, just having fun by yourself. Then you bump into someone and fall on the ground. As you look up, you see that it's the one and only Kamenashi. Your first reaction__*dies+nosebleed* and Kamenashi kun's nice & polite *0*
Your trip is over, and you have to come back to your country. As you're heading to your seat on the plane, you see Kamenashi and Yamapi sitting right next to your seat. Your first reaction_Kame=)...Yamapi, can u help me get Tegoshi & Shige's autograph...LOL
TOP 5! (1 being your favorite, 5 your least favorite)
Top 5 Groups!
4:Kanjani 8
Top 5 Idols!
1:Yabu Kota x Yaotome Hikaru (they're ONE)
2:Tegoshi Yuya
3:Shigeaki Kato
4:Yuto Nakajima (x HIS Yamachan if he's with Yuto)
5:Kamenashi Kazuya (He's more like someone I RESPECT than my idol)
Top 5 Songs!1.Ai Nante/Summer Time (nearly everything with NEWS & Tegoshi/Tegomass singing)/Tegoshi's YOU~World is yours~/NEWS' Dreams
2:My Everything/Tears & Smile/Star Time (YabuHika ver.) & SHE LOVES ME by Yabu Kota (everything with Yabu's sexy voice & Hikari-chan singing while being Yabu's possession)
3:EITO's ALL OF ME FOR YOU('coz of Uchi's lines!!! This is definitely my most played EITO song<3)/Muugen Dai/Eden/Okura's Mamoritai/Ryo x Okura's TORN/
4:Ya-Ya-yah's Te wo tsunaide Yukou/Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made/Ikujinashi/Yabu's Asu e
5:KAT-TUN's Love Yourself/Don't U Ever Stop/My Angel You are Angel/Kame's Aishite iru kara/Jin's wailing in DISTANCE/...I can't choose! I love every JE songs lol


薮くん はたち.新成人お*め*で*と*う~!!! 
最高のSHE LOVES ME千秋楽だった~~~~

Dearest Yabu,
You are a STAR from the very very beginning~
So touched when you talked about you having been working with A.B.C. since you were age 11,12.... so touched to see you being such a mature good 20-yr-old now... so touched to see you making ur speech while being teary... so touched that you've a fullhouse of fans to cry with you... so touched that you seemed not to believe you've turned 20 yourself, too.
Yabu, you are always the most shinning star in my heart~ Please keep on working hard towards your dream~ I've always believed in you.
Soshite... please still be bff with Hikari-chan ne ^^
Happy HATACHI~ Welcome to the adult-world <3


P.S. The 'candle' used  on the cake they presented during the last show of SHE LOVES ME was actually CHAMPAGNE ne~
Being 20 means Yabu can drink now >__< But please don't be addicted ne =)
I love Yabu too much~ The last show of SLM is the most most most touching scene EVER~!!!!
ALL THE FANS CRIED WITH HIM... so so soooo touching~! I am also too touched that I dunno how to describe XPPP


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20 January 2010 @ 05:07 pm

19th January 2010- SHE LOVES ME mini REPO

= <<Kimi dake ni>> in Show Time=

The audience clapped their hands along the song as if they’re following each melody beat of <Kimi dake ni>.

Uekusa-san: Clapping their hands like they’re performing the song… this is quite rare~ It’s a nice experience (laughed)

Yabu: Hahaha XD

Uekusa-san: Only 15 shows left yo~

Yabu: Oh really~? I will miss this >_<! I still want more!

Uekusa-san: Fewer and fewer shows left ne… (not exactly but he then said something like “sabishii (lonely)”)

Uekusa-san: Me and Yabu ne… Although we are senpai and kouhai (senior and junior), it also feels like Father & Son… I’m already like a friend with Yabu ne~

Yabu: Seriously? (Seemed very delighted)

Uekusa-san: Have spent a really good time together… From now on, we have to keep such good relationship yo~

Yabu: Nevertheless, please continue give me advises (sth like yoroshiku onegaishimasu)

Uekusa-san: I will go to see JUMP’s concert!

Yabu: Aw~ Please be welcomed~!

Uekusa-san: Even though I am such a person who doesn’t go often… I will come yo~ … Everybody, please don’t stay this quiet! Say, today…

Yabu: JUMP’s Hikaru-chan has come to watch the show ^__^ Hikaru, how are you?

(The audience were cheering too loud. Couldn’t hear what Hika answered =w=…)

Hika: (answered sth like “I’m good yo!” in the audience)

Yabu: Seemed to be quite genki =D?! (laughed)

Then Uekusa-san ended it with “From now onwards minna have to keep this good relationship!

= Final Curtain Call =

In the very end of the show…

Yabu: Today we’ve spent wonderful times together. Really thank you very much!

And then it’s the usual “Totsu solo segment” XD

Yabu: Let Totsu-chan to sum it up~ :DDDD

Totsu: (grabbed the mic) THANKS EVERYONE VERY MUCH...

Totsu:… … Give Up^^ (he said it in English~)
(XDDD he couldn’t think of things to say ne XD)

(Audience burst out laughing XDDD)

Eventually, it still had to be our Yabu who summed it up~ ^__^

Yabu: Sincerely thanks everyone so very much today.

(Curtains began to fall ><)

(Yabu and the others waved bye to the audience)

Yabu: Please take care and be safe going home =)

Last but not least, Yabu also said the following…

Yabu: Hikaru, thank you as well ^^ (as if he said it directly to Hika-chan<3)

P.S. The fans said YabuHika did exchange looks & smiles with each other, aww <333

P.P.S. Last time when Hika went to watch the musical for the first time, at the end of the show when Yabu’s gonna leave the stage, Hika who’s in the audience did a gesture to Yabu. It looked like he’s asking if Yabu had eaten or not ^^~ So caring ne! I suppose I can extend the meaning to “Shall we go for dinner together?” XDDD

Aw~ Hika really is such a Yabu fan XDDD He really does go to watch Yabu’s musical more than once ne =D And yesterday he went alone, as if he wanted to give Yabu full support all by himself this time ^^
According to some fans who went yesterday, they said that they could see on
Hika’s face as if it reads “I am all well-prepared to watch this musical properly from beginning till the end this time”~ =v=
(‘coz last time
Hika was late & missed part of the show >__<)

Yabu’s so sweet to have had thanked his great partner in the very end! They are really nice-combi ne <333 Oh, and I love Yabu addressing him as “Hikaru-chan” =3=

In addition, the fans also said Yabu performed extremely well in yesterday’s show~ ‘Cause usually Yabu would stumbled on a line, forget a line or didn’t sing that perfectly due to his poor throat condition. However, Yabu said all his lines well & sang well yesterday ^__^ …perhaps due to Hika’s support XDDD

Dunno if Hika will go again XD Maybe on Yabu’s birthday? I remember Hika had gone to watch Dream Boys’08 (the one Yabu’s in it) for 3 times, which he’s the JUMP member who went most frequently ne XDD
I also wonder if
Hika had visited Yabu’s dressing room?~!
It’d be sweet if he’d granted at least part of
Yabu’s wish* =PPP
(**Cross referece=> Only Star quotation of Yabu:
Yabu: Every single day (during the musical), I wish he(Hika) could stay in the dressing room yo. Seriously (laughs).
And then I want him to say to me "yoshi~ Here you go~"(everytime before I go on stage).
It doesn't really matter if he doesn't come and watch it. But I hope he can stay inside the dressing room (laughs).

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