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25 June 2010 @ 02:21 pm
[Trans]YABUHIKA is Married!- Myojo2010.08  
HAVEN'T FINISHED translating the whole interview...
This is just half of the interview...so
REMEMBER TO CHECK BACK for the 2nd half soon or later ^__^
The whole thing's done! =DDD
Evidence & Proof that YabuHika are already married OvO
Both of them admit so XDDD Ahahahaha~~~

Hika fangirling Yabu moments... Yabu confessing about who's his true love...
YabuHika's fated love...Yabu's love at first sight meeting Hikaru... Hikaru agreeing with everything said by his idol Yabu... Yabu wanting to control Hika's sensations ... ...etc etc

YOU WILL REGRET if you miss this~! Must read = =+

(green texts are my opinions)
Hey! Say! JUMP

Discovery! 5 groups of Combi(nations) within JUMP

Always being together as 10 people, there are things hard to speak out…

Within JUMP, the 5 groups of combi, which each has special relationship somewhere (respectively), had spoken their true hearts out to each other. Loaded with mutual love.

[[Things that are embarrassing, difficult to talk about if there wasn’t just futari(two people)]]

<<Combi of Childhood Sweethearts of 7 years>>

Yaotome Hikaru x Yabu Kota

Hika: The time we have been together, somehow has been really long yo na~

Yabu: Ever since Hikaru joint Jr., so it should have been more than 7 years

Hika: For me, things about the day I first met Yabu, I still remember now yo!
(becoz Hika is Yabu's fangirl 8D rmbing every detail<3)

Yabu: REALLY? How did you feel about the first meeting?

Hika: After taking the Johnny’s Audition, Staff san called a few people from there to visit the “Shounen Club” rehearsal ne. That’s where I first saw Yabu and I thought “Ah~ The one I’ve seen on TV is here!”. Then after that, Yabu came over to approach me and asked me “What is your name?”

Yabu: Eehh~~ I don’t even have memory about what I’d said myself. (<-Kill Yabu!)However, the impression of Hikaru at that time still remains yo. Among all the kids who came to visit, you sat where it’s the most towards the corner, right? Yet, without a reason it just felt like you stood out (from them). (8D Love at first sight!) That’s why I went over to talk.

Hika: Eh~ It was like that! Iya~~~ (<-are you a girl?!o.o) From that onwards, there have been a lot & a lot we’ve then experienced ne~ (deeply & heartily)(<-NOT added by me, it's in the original text-indicating Hika's sensitive side). Say, (about) me, are there any changes compared to that at those times?

Yabu: In the past ne, the way you used to talk was more simple. Such like “Boku ne~~ OO nano. Soretene~ OO na OO nano (Me ne…XX like this. And then ne~~ XX YY like this)” (laughed)

Hika: Right right right~ I did do so when I talked. Added in randomly “~na no (like this)” ne. (laughed)

Yabu: Nevertheless, you’ve completely become a good man now na.

Hika: What was that (embarrassed) (<-kya~). Say Yabu, although you do scrupulously lead minna, you are really like a kid during normal times. Like you will sing loudly in the gakuya (dressing/rest room). Such an innocent part (of you), is just like the you in the past.

Yabu: Indeed. But well~~ Having been together for such a long time like this, don’t you think we’ve turned into the relationship of an old married couple? (<-Hika's mom has said so, too!) 

Hika: Right ne~ (

Yabu: I think being newly weds would still be concerned/worried a lot about each other’s matters. However, after becoming husband and wife married for a long time, even doing different things respectively inside the same room, there is still the kind of atmosphere like you won’t care about worrying, isn’t it? A feeling which hearts are connected even without saying a word.

Hika: That’s exactly us ne. Won’t interfere with each other. Nonetheless, because of being husband and wife (you say this so directly, Hika O__O!!!), the other half not being there is DAME/definitely not fine na.

Yabu: Right Right Right.


Hika: I have always been given a hand by Yabu yo. On the first day of a concert, my head is always filled up with all the song-matters. Therefore, I can’t even be able to consider anything about the press conference… Hence, I rely totally on Yabu for that part.  

Yabu: Maa ne~ Then I will do that part yo. ^_^  Nevertheless, it does happen sometimes that my battery runs out during MCs, right? At such moments, it has always been Hikaru who helps me na :)

Hika: Since Yabu is the type who can only concentrate well for short-term, the “switch” occasionally turns off yo ne.

Yabu: Having done that, YET, having someone who understands me well being right by my side, I really do feel so at ease.
I also think I know whaaatever about Hikaru. Perhaps I could even be like a radio-control which may even manipulate your sensations yo.
(<- O__O OMG! Yabu you're over-possessive! Even wanna control Hika's emotion?!!!!)

Hika: If it’s Yabu maybe it’s possible. (=0= Hika is ALREADY manipulated byYabu!) 

Yabu: No matter it’s what one does that will make you angry, or what one does that will make you laugh, I basically know about them.
Hikaru ne, when you rub your eyes, or during times when you touch your hair, then you’re chotto in a bad mood ne.

Hika: Right right (そうそう).

Yabu: And then, for me, when I become anxious and fretful,  I'll keep moving about na.

Hika: When Yabu’s like that, although other members will go talk to him for correcting his bad mood , I’ll just leave him that way. That’s because even if he gets mad, he will come around just after 3 seconds.

Yabu: That’s exactly it! Having said that, even though we have been together for such a long time, we haven’t even had a single quarrel, right?

Hika: Un. Even our opinions conflict with each other when we have to decide on something, we won’t argue!

Yabu: This is just how (our) affinities perfectly match! (~♥)
Okay, since I have this chance then let me say it. No matter what and how, among all the members, the one I care the most is you yo, for me. (~♥♥)
Hikaru’s singing, as well as dancing and even bass(-playing), they’re all caught in my sight without me being consciously aware of them.  (~♥♥♥)

Hika: Eh! Really?

Yabu: Un. Then sometimes when you fail, I’d think like “When it’s over I’ll go speak(to you) about it”.

Hika: Eeeeehhh~~~!

Yabu: Even so, when I should give compliments I will praise really hard yo. Such as "Today's Hikaru, has been soo great yo". This is because I would like to confess all my thoughts about Hikaru.(♥♥♥♥♥)

Hika:  For me, when Yabu praises me, even though I feel super extremely happy inside my mind, I just dare not display that emotion on my face. It's because, I would feel so embarrassed... ^///^ (<-Yabu's lil' gf<3) And then, on the contrary (of Yabu being aware of whatever Hikaru does), since I have the belief that "If it's Yabu then it's gonna be fine", I won't be consciously checking on Yabu much.  That is because, up till now, I haven't seen a single time which Yabu fails in doing anything >U<.(<-Hika is BLINDED BY LOVE! tsk tsk =v=)

Yabu: Nnah~ That's not true~!

Hika: Iya~~~ It's definitely true ! (Blind...and spoils Yabu all the time~ tsk tsk)

Yabu: Maa... Being approved by the *partner which I've approved of myself (kyaaaa♥), I am really really happy yo. From now on we're gonna further be together for even longer, so once again yoroshiku na ^^.
(* The word Yabu used was "相方(aikata)". It's usually used between a group of two. Now also used by couples in love XDD ♥) 

Hika: You, too^^

I have nothing more to say but KYAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~ <33333
YabuHika cannot be sweeter!!! Their conversation is totally LOVE!LOVE!LOVE!
Totally like a married couple talk~ A talk between husband Yabu & his wife Hikari-chan!

Plus now Yabu'd said it = =+
The ONE & ONLY member he cares the MOST is Hikaru~~~
So from now on, YabuHika tops all the other YabuXXX pairings! (e.g. Inoobu =v=+++)

Yappari YABUHIKA FTW =3=

(1) Why YabuHika never argue??? It's simply because whatever Yabu says, Hikaru obeys!
If you don't believe me or have doubts, please read
this TV LIFE interview yourself.
It demonstrates how Hika listens to Yabu ALL THE TIME =v=

(2) In the above interview, Hika said he'd never seen Yabu fail...
I have an example which shows you how Hika's BLINDED by love.
---During one of the concerts, Yabu failed in performing MY EVERYTHING once as he became pitchy in some of the ending notes. Even Yabu himself felt so ashamed that he said he wanted to run home afterwards. (I've also listened to the fanaudio that time. Yabu did kinda fail)
Yet, when Yabu mentioned this some days later, Hika innocently replied with "Eh? But I think you sang so well yo @.@!"...=v=
Then Yabu at once trusted his wife's word... and responded , "oh really? Probably because I've added in true emotions"..............What a Wonderful Married Couple <3

chizu99chileisme on September 25th, 2010 01:15 pm (UTC)
mukyaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥♥♥♥
love them talk so much...
ah... hika so loveblind...
waiting for the next...

sangkyu ^^