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01 August 2010 @ 05:00 pm

25th JULY 2010-  HSJ@ KAT-TUN Concert MC TALK

Kame: Different from minna, these guys were all born in Hei Sei yo!

Taguchi: Nah nah. Among all there are some born in Hei Sei as well. (laughed)

Kame: Yabu!

Yabu: Hai (laughed)

Kame: You’ve grown so tall ~! What’s your head to body ratio?

Koki: About 8 heads, right?

Kame: Your body build will just be different if you’re born in Hei Sei.
Koki (being) beside (Yabu) is so tiny! (laughed)

Koki: (having noticed the height difference on screen, smiled embarrassedly)

Kame: Yabu used to be so tiny, too ~ Singing “Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made”~~~

Yabu: So nostalgic. (laughed)

Kame: Say Yabu, (in the past) once I sat down on the sofa in the gakuya (楽屋/resting room), he would run over and sit on my lap, saying “Nose! Pi~” whatsoever. Then just pinch my nose! Ano…since then, has already grown up so much…

Yabu: (laughed)

Taguchi: Yabu’s face is so small yo…

Kame: (looking at Yabu’s SERIOUSLY ripped jeans) Won’t you go buy a (new) pair of jeans?

Yabu: Oh , this? I’ve always been asked by everybody like that.

Kame: I’d once worn ripped jeans and been told by Johnny san, “YOU…THIS…I’ll buy you a new pair!” like that!

Yabu: When I wore this pair of jeans and went on the train, a child said “This man’s jeans are so worn out yo!” !!!


Kame: Who’s the Leader (of HSJ)?

JUMP (- Yabu): It’s Yabu-kun

Yabu: Hai~ It’s me

Kame: Yabu’s the leader?

Yabu: Can I still not be? (ß since all JUMP members shouted his name XD Yabu couldn’t say NO XD)


Yabu: It’s the first album!

Kame: Those (singles) up till now are all included?

JUMP: Yes, included.

Yuya: Ano ano~ “Shadow” as well!

Kame: Shadow!

JUMP: Included!

Kame: Shadow… That is…Hidarime Tantei EYES?!

Yama-chan: It should be Hidarime Tantei EYE (laughed)

Yuya: EYES…then it’d become both eyes (but not only the left one)~!


Kame: Hikaru, why don’t you say anything?

Hika: Eh? May I say something?

Kame: Then just don’t say. = =+

Hika: Ehhh~~~ Nah, I wanna speak.

Kame: You don’t have to. =v=

Hika: I wanna talk~~~

Koki: Hikaru gives an impression of being good at talking in a Hey!Say!JUMP concert. Yet, since here isn’t your own show and venue, you won’t speak much, right?

Hika: Aw~ That’s right. Since there’re minna from KAT-TUN, I wanna stay more maturely.

Kame: Ano… We’ve known each other since we’re younger, isn’t it? Hence, it just feels so amazing now! You’ve grown much taller, too.

Kame: Hikaru was so kawaii when he was in Jr.~

Nakamaru: So kawaii~

Kame: So kawaii indeed~! Such tiny thing with chubby face, even has got double-tooth~ Coming from Sendai and looked like knowing nothing at all =v=

Hika: Oh~ I was really kawaii in the past ne~

Koki: Saying such thing yourself! XD;

Kame: Saying “Kamenashi-kun~ Kamenashi-kun” while coming over and sitting on my lap, isn’t it?

Hika: You still remember those things ^^?

Kame: I do yo. I knocked the head of Hikaru who sat on my lap with my finger where I wore a ring. It seemed it hurt so much that he just burst out crying while kept saying “Kamenashi-kun, it hurts so much~ Please don’t do this T__T”. Since it’s toooo cute, I repeated doing it a few times =v=+

Hika: It really hurt a lot when you knocked my head with that ring! T__T
I seriously cried yo!

Nakamaru: Oh! I remember that! Afterwards, I asked Hikaru “Why are you crying?” and among KAT-TUN, “Who made you cry?”.
He didn’t say it was Kame but pointed at me and said it’s me! Eventually it’d become MY FAULT!!! TAT

Kame: At those times, Hikaru looked really like Nakamaru ne~

Hika: Sou desu~ Always been told such thing.

Nakamaru: Face?


Nakamaru: Indeed look alike ne~! The Nose~

Koki: The systems are probably the same~ = =+

Hika: I had been told all the time such thing when I was in Jr.
It’d even made myself think that “Ah~ I look like Nakamaru-kun~”

Kame: Totally not look alike now. Growing up is really an amazing thing~
As Hikaru grows up, your nose isn’t as obvious ne ^^

Hika: Really? That’s great =DDD

Nakamaru: How great! Mine is growing every year DDDX


Koki: Ano… Ueda~ Why are you staying so far away?

Ueda: Nah~ It’s just… because I haven’t talked to everyone (HSJ) like this. I do wanna talk to everybody.

Kame: (asked HSJ) Have you ever talked with Ueda?

JUMP: Ano… didn’t really have the chance to…

Kame: Didn’t we all get along together during Jr. period???

Ueda: Well…the only thing I remember was that… I kept saying to Hikaru “You look so much like Nakamaru!” and made him cry, this incident (laughed)

Hika: I was told the same time by so many people that I looked like Nakamaru-kun… so I cried XP

Nakamaru: Hey!!! I ain’t bringing you to eat yaki-niku anymore = =+

Hika: Iya~ Don’t be like that DDX

Nakamaru: I go having yaki-niku with Hikaru once every half a year yo~

Someone(?): Nose Combi(nation) (鼻コンビで) together?! XDDD


Taguchi: Since you (HSJ) specially came over today, let’s go for a meal together afterwards ^^

JUMP: …oh, hontossu ka (really mean so)?!

Kame: Just now when Taguchi said “let’s go for a meal together”, there were only 2 persons replying “hontossuka”. There are so many people but only 2 of them… XD (laughed)

Taguchi: yeah ^3^

Kame: Moreover, the way of saying “hontossuka” seemed to include the feeling of “unwillingness” (laughed)

Taguchi: (laughed)


Kame: (to JUMP who’re gonna leave the stage) Please definitely enjoy yourselves after this ^^

JUMP: Sure!

Kame: They’re Hey!Say!JUMP!

JUMP: Thanks everyone (looked towards the props used in the Going!-performance)

Koki: Hey that way is the exit! You can’t go inside there yo!

Nakamaru: If you go inside, you’ll end up in a different space!


Maru is just bullied by everyone XDDD

Kame is just a nice big bro of yabu/hika even he'd made lil' Hikari-cha cried =v=
LOL @Hika for crying over being told he's Maru look-alike XDDD

Ueda is so Ueda. (ii comment, isn't it XD?!)

...and hey@@! When has JUMP got a LEADER??? lol

P.S. The MC talk translation is not 100% in order or their exact wordings. Thanks.
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llhoshinallhoshina on August 1st, 2010 10:31 am (UTC)
ahaha.. Thanks so much for sharing,, =]