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~Love of My Life~ YabuHika

23 January 1989
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Stevenica’s Profile

Hiya~ I'm Stevenica.
Quite an old woman =w= (The eldest in JUMP,Yabu, is even younger than me D:)
But hey, I was still born in the HeiSei era XD (plus I'm childish= =+)
My No.1 purpose of being on LJ is to spread YabuHika raburabu!
Therefore, I mainly do translations of Hey!Say!JUMP Concert/TV show recording reports =)
P.S. I'm also a human-pedia for all sorts of info on YabuHika XD Feel free to ask me for info!

Though I'm hugely YabuHika-biased, I am also obsessed in other parts of the Johnny's fandom XP (See the list below)

Apart from the crazy JE fandom, I'm also a fangirl of Adam Lambert (ships Kradam 4ever!!!8D), Westlife, Harry Potter, Ayaka and Wentz&Teppei(WaT).
Peronality-wise, I am a ドM(do-M). I never know how to get angry =P. Can't get mad even to ppl who hurt me. However, I have seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) which could be a bit annoying for some ppl.
Love to be a listener. Gd secret-keeper =DDD I ship PEACE!
Last warning: YabuHika...YabuHika...YabuHika...LOL

=Twitter= ***=MSN/hotmail=

My Johnny's idols

Fave JE groups: Ya-Ya-yah/Hey!Say!JUMP/Kanjani∞/NEWS/Tegomass (enjoy all songs of KAT-TUN)

Fave Johnny's boys:
HSJ: (1)YabuHika as 1 item lol (2)Yamajima
EITO: (1)Okura (2)Yoko
NEWS: (1)Tegoshi (2)Shige
KAT-TUN: (1)Kame (2)Maru

JE pairings I ship: (1-PRIORITY!)YabuHika(Yabu TOPS)
(2)Yamajima(Yuto TOPS) (3)Takachii(Chii TOPS= =+)
(4)Okachii(Keito's too yasashii & obedient to queen Chii) (5)Akame (6)Koyashige (7)Tomapi
(8)Hikanoo (tops each other) (9)RyoUchi (10)Yabu TOPS ALL 8DDDD

本当は不安になって 見失いそうになってしまっても
僕らの行く旅路を 灯りになって
照らしてくれた もう迷わない

--<<ひとつのうた>>by 関ジャニ∞

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